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9 Huts on a Hill Aerial View from behind

Hi dear volunteers!

Since we are an eco-resort, we want to protect our mother earth and live a more sustainable life. The message we want to bring to our customers is: Live a simple life and respect your environment!

Therefore, we host volunteers for accommodation (a private room in an authentic Runggus Borneo Longhouse), food and some pocket money. We would like to consider your personal abilities. Whatever you're good at, you can help us in that specific field. Do you enjoy using your hands? Perfect, then you can help us with building new eco-houses. You have a green thumb? Nice, so you can do some gardening in our organic garden to provide our own raw food. If you like cooking, you can prepare healthy and eco-friendly dishes in the kitchen and learn from our chef. Furthermore, we are about to save the marine life and would greatly appreciate any skills in coral replanting or marine conservation. Of course, we are always happy to have people with administrative or marketing/social media abilities to spread our message all around the world. Also, if you have any other skills to share, we are very open to those as well.

Do you feel addressed? Is this exactly what you are looking for?

Great! Get in contact with us, and we'll be more than happy to have you here in Kudat!

Eco Resort

9 Huts on a Hill, BakBak, Kudat was open for business in January 2017.

It is a small ecofriendly resort designed to provide you a simple place to Rest and Recharge, away from the hustle & bustle and stress of day to day modern Living.

Our Motto is: Keep it Simple.

9 Huts is big on the environment and reducing our day to day footprint on Planet Earth.

We do not use: Plastic straw, mineral water bottles, tissues, toilet rolls, fragrant toilet Chemicals, chemical pesticides on our land.

We: Reduce and separate our thrash, compost our organic waste, we use enzymes for our bio toilet waste, baking soda and vinegar for cleaning, blended pandanLeaves and serai as air refreshers, serve unlimited filtered waters in glass bottles to all our guests, earthworm casting for fertilizers, plant more trees, flowers and we practice rain harvesting across the resort.

So kindly do not throw any objects into the toilets including tissue, switch off the air conditioners and lights when not in use, please do not waste water as Kudat is a very dry district, do not litter and no smoking and food in the rooms Please.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Obviously, some of these practices might cause you some inconvenience during Your stay. We apologize in advance, but it is the right thing to do! We like to think of it as an opportunity to reexamine the way we live and the Impact of our day to day actions on this planet. Please enjoy your stay at 9 Huts And help us to preserve or better our environment, so that we can serve more Like-minded guests!!

If you have some green ideas or thoughts on how we can improve ourselves, do Share.

We welcome you warmly and thank you for staying with us.